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Compromise Is Required When Dating

When it comes to dating, compromise is a challenging subject. If you wanted to compromise you certainly would not be looking to date your “type” or marry the perfect mate.

Chances are the you have already compromised in the past and you might feel like it did you not good whatsoever. The fact is that you are right, and so is the reality of the matter, which is, unless you want to date an android, you are going to have to compromise.

There are a few areas of compromise that are required to dating and in the search for a spouse.

1. The perfection in looks complex compromise.

Admit it. You expect the perfect mate to have certain characteristics. You have “settled” in the past and now you are just beginning to realize that settling does not pay off. That is your right and privilege. However, be prepared to wait out a few hundred dances before your concept of total perfection comes along. That is because perfection does not exist. Gentlemen, if you are looking for the perfect woman, take a look in the mirror. Are you perfect? Ladies, if you want an Adonis, are you the Aphrodite that Adonis would sport on his arm? I rest my case. Ofcourse there are certain types that you will not want to experience again, and no one is saying you should. But when it comes to being with a date who is 5’10” and not your required 6′, you have to be reasonable.

2.The trap of expectations compromise.

Do not under any circumstances take on dating as the idea of having a perfect time every time. You will not find true romance with every date and just when you think you do, the other party (oh, that person) may not feel the same way about you. Treat dating in Orlando as the experience that it is – a chance to meet new people and develop new friendships. Do not expect that a serious relationship will materialize just because you want one. Be open, but do not push the fates. Remember too that you must cultivate some people, that is when you begin to see the beauty that they really possess. You must see the process of dating and finding a spouse as a journey that will involve many people. Enjoy the journey. How boring life would be if we instantly obtained the perfect mate at the blink of an eye.

3. Compromise on the outcome

Remember that all relationships, dating or established marriages, are a series of compromises until the relationship is over for whatever reason. You must be willing to make reasonable compromises throughout every relationship of your life. The key word there is “reasonable.” Couples break up for thousands of reasons: where to move, when and how to retire, lifestyle changes, etc. In the presence of love, each party will learn to accept things that are important to other. For more information contact Elisabeth Dabbelt, Matchmaker, CEO –

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